The Forum of Scientific Editors of Chile emerged in the first semester of 2016 as the request of a group of editors of journals indexed to gather for a specialized discussion to principal participants of our scientific communication as are  the journal publishers and scientific validity books which generally act individually, even though they have common problems and challenges, in a scenario characterized by the speed of the changes and transformations in the dissemination of knowledge through internet.

Similarly, the growing relations of our industry with platforms, indexes and databases indexing (SciELO, Redalyc, Latin American, Doaj, WoS, Scopus, etc.) and other foreign counterparts, who have suggested collaborative ways of working Chile is also the basis of this partnership effort. In this regard, the Forum is available as an attempt to encounter and collaboration between those who have the task of publicizing highlights of national science and creation.


  1. To analyze the latest news and changes that have taken place in the field of scientific communication, the national reality and its interaction with the international situation.
  2. To analyze models of production and communication academic-researching, its innovations and trends, and the ways that the organization of editorial affects formats and broadcasting of communication products.
  3. To promote collaborative work among publishers in technological and social aspects of interest in the area.
  4. To generate a steady and diverse relationship with all the components of academy in the country, particularly researchers, managers, undergraduate and graduate students, in order to collaborate in the development of efficient scientific culture and communication.
  5. To establish relationships and to get points of views to authorities and relevant representatives of the public or private space, national and international, about the value of scientific communication and the role and contribution of specialized publishers, in order to contribute to improve processes and public policies related to scientific communication.
  6. In regards to the preceding point, the Forum understands its relations with the institutions of CONICYT, its funds and mechanisms specifically linked to the Scientific Communication (Scientific Information Program; BEIC, SciELO, etc.) one of the most interesting references to their work actions, is based on mutual understanding and recognition. We propose that in the remainder of 2016, the Forum and the Program of the Information have meetings that allow an agenda for 2017.
  7. To establish and cultivate contacts in cooperation with other international organizations of publishers, with special interest in Hispanic and Luso American areas.
  8. To develop contacts and initiatives  for supporting instances in scientific communication, either state, private, national or international order (libraries, repositories, mass media, broadcasting platforms, etc.)


Dr. Manuel Loyola (Revista Izquierdas) manuel.loyola@usach.cl

Dr. Francisco Osorio (Cinta de Moebio) fosorio@uchile.cl

Santiago, August 2016

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